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Simply show your QR code and all relevant discounts and promotions will be applied. It's that simple!

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With TOPii Cash you always win.

Make Payments

In Thousands of Stores

Discounts applied with no effort

Pay and save money on your purchases in your favorite stores.

Safe & Simple

Choose your favorite payment method and we will directly apply all your discounts and promotions. Convenient and secure.

Save money while you shop

Saving is very easy

Discover thousands of promotions and discounts at your favorite shops, and save money in your shopping..

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Get personalized alerts from the best promotions, tag them as favorites, and share them with your friends. Everyone wins!

Accumulate cash for your purchases

Pay and accumulate

Benefit from all the deals we have negotiated with the merchants and get a percentage of your purchases as cash back

Enjoy your cashback as you see it fit

Accumulate cash and enjoy it as you see fit. Use for gifts, send it whom you wish, use it for shopping… you dedide..

Withdraw Cash

Easily and quickly

Get cash

Withdraw cash from your bank account from thousands of merchants. You choose the amount to withdraw, and get it when you pay at the cash register.


Display your QR code & type the amount you need. Our TOPii network is always nearby.

Make Payments
Save money while you shop
Accumulate cash for your purchases
Withdraw Cash

TOPii Features


Enjoy TOPii in thousands of stores.

More then 30.000 stores are included in our network at your disposal.

Promotions and taylormade discounts.

Targeted marketing made for you based on your needs and likes.

Share and enjoy with your friends & family.

Share & enjoy your discounts and promotions while saving money.

Multiple payment methods available.

Credit card, bank account, or the one of your preference..

Earn redeemable points while shopping.

Accumulate balance in your TOPii Cash wallet everytime you use our App.

Your Privacy matters.

All your information is protected and your data is always safe. They only belong to you. We are very sensitive to your privacy.